WOC 2019 Will Be Live Streamed

The WFDF World Overall Championships – Freestyle Competition will be Live Streamed. The event takes place July 12th & 13th in Richmond, Va, USA. Lori and I will be there with the cameras and computer, ready to stream and jam!

Also helping with the stream will be Ryan Young. He is running the current FPA judging system for this event. Last weekend we integrated an overlay from that system into the live stream. If all goes well, player’s names and scores will be visible in the stream.

To learn more about this event, listen to our interview with the tournament directory, Jack Cooksey and checkout the event web site which includes a list of all registered players, the schedule, and more.

To watch, click here.

The Italian Open 2019 Will Be Streamed Live

Thanks to Chris Belaj, the Italian Open 2019 will be Streamed Live from Rovereto, Italy on June 7 – 9.

Italy has long been a hot bed for Freestyle Flying disc. More recently, the “Frisbee Fever” team from Rovereto burst on the scene, shocking the community with their deep pockets and aggressive style of play. Now they are hosting the Italian Open. If they bring even half of their passion for Freestyle Flying Disc to this event, it will be one to remember.

If you can attend in person, I recommend it. For those of us who can’t, tune in here to watch.

More info is available on their facebook event page.